Whitaker Tankers

Keeping your business afloat

Whitaker Tankers

Keeping your business afloat

Whitaker Tankers is an internationally renowned fuel transportation company, operating a fleet of sea going tankers in UK and European waters.

We offer a professional service carrying fuel products for most major oil companies with efficiency, honesty and integrity, and we have a reputation as leaders in the bunkering industry.

We NEVER compromise safety for commercial gain.

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We aim to operate a safe and successful business based on strong ethical principles: specifically,

Safety comes first: put simply; nobody should ever get hurt through the conduct of our business. Safety is the foundation of our success and no commercial pressure will ever be allowed to jeopardise this. Safety of the environment is also vital – as a transporter and handler of hazardous cargoes, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE of pollution.

To be clear; the Company Directors aspire to excellence in everything we do, with an emphasis on Health, Safety, Security & the Environment; our key criteria as follows:

* ZERO incidents resulting in personal injury, or damage to physical assets,
* ZERO spills or releases of hazardous substances to the environment,
* CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in our HSSE criteria; i.e. an ongoing reduction in unsafe acts, near misses and emissions to the environment

To facilitate the above goals, all employees throughout our organisation have unreserved STOP WORK AUTHORITY should they see any activity or risk they deem potentially unsafe or contravening our HSSE procedures. This authority has the full backing of the Group Managing Director and Designated Person Ashore (DPA).

We acknowledge that our people are our greatest asset and as such we maintain a commitment to engage with them, encourage feedback and strongly support training and personal development.

Commercially, it is our aim to develop cost effective solutions to our customer’s needs and provide a service that consistently exceeds their expectations.

We strive to lead the industry in our field through ingenuity and commitment to best practice.


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